Why Do Kids Love Stickers?

At Kids Stuff for Less, we sell hundreds of stickers every week. You’d think kids would be bored of them in this tech crazy era but it seems despite all the distractions of Youtube, Instagram, and Snapchat combined with games like Fornite and Minecraft, that there’d be no place left for the humble sticker, but you’d be wrong.

We think it must be a primal thing, that a young mind likes to create, decorate, and transform. Ever since our ancient ancestors created paintings in the caves, man (woman and child) has had a desire to add a personal touch to their surroundings, and to embellish things to portray their personality to the outside world.

Here at Kids’ Stuff for Less we all love stickers, even though people might say we’re too old for them now. Here’s a few of our favourites (click the image to see more).

1. Scratch N’ Sniff

We’ve got 20 different flavours of these tasty smelling stickers and every one is a big seller- from Popcorn to Blueberry, we’ve got them all.

2. 12 Mini Sticker Sheets

Our best seller – there’s 24 assorted titles and they’re all great fillers for party bags.

3. Holographic Sticker Sheets

Another winner on our site, there’s 8 different themes of these mesmerising stickers to choose from. Again, these are fantastic for party bags.

4. 300 Reward Stickers

We sell loads of these fantastic value stickers as they’re great for fundraisers, clubs, schools, etc. 

5. Foam Sticker Combi Packs

Again, we sell hundreds of these on our site. These cute stickers are perfect for decorating with and there are loads of different ones to choose from.

6. Giant Monster Alphabet Stickers

These Monster stickers are a giant seller- we love these GRRReat alphabet stickers.

7. 3D Butterfly Stick-Ons

These butterfly stickers are fantastic for crafting, scrapbooking, and decorating. Everyone will love these beautiful 3D butterflies.

8. 3D Gem Stickers

These great value Gem Stick-ons will put the bling into any craft project. 

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