This is why Retro Toys are coming back

In these days of smart phones and social media, there isn’t always a place in our lives for sitting down with the kids and having some quality family time. At Kids Stuff for Less, we’re all busy people with busy lives but I think we all agree that any excuse to get away from our screens for an hour and interact with our close ones is a blessing.

Since we started this website, we’ve noticed how well the traditional toys have sold that we loved when we were kids. Our mums and dads always tell us about their childhoods where two tin cans and a ball of string was as hi-tech as it got.

“Hello there!”, they used to shout to each other down the line, and do you know what? I think they really believed they were talking to each other via some secret communication network. Ahh, bless them!

So we’ve got slinky springs, spud guns, dominoes in a wooden box, 4 in a row games, and loads more. The list goes on and on! Why don’t you browse our site and see what you can find. Here’s a few ideas for you.

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