Here are some of Our Favourite Fairy Facts & Rhymes

We’re all Fairy mad at Kids Stuff for Less and we think you are too. We’ve got a huge range of magical fairy themed products on our site with new ones arriving all the time. So if it’s stuff to put in the garden or great party and craft products, we’re happy to be your one stop fairy shop. We’ve put together a few mystical facts, some lovely rhymes, and a couple of magical spells for you to enjoy.

Fairies don’t like bread or salt.

If you want to keep something safe from fairies, pour a circle of salt or breadcrumbs around it. It’s a good idea to keep a holy cake in your pocket if you travel into the fairylands at night.

Fairies use their wings not just for flying

Yes, fairies use their wings to fly, but flying isn’t the only thing wings are good for. Fairies use their wings to wave to each other, to taste the air, to express their moods, and to show their social rank in fairy society. Wings also make a comfortable cushion when they lie down for a nap.

Time passes differently in the fairylands.

Time passes by so fast in the fairylands that a hundred years can feel like one day. Be careful! The breaking spell that lets a human escape is to say “I forgive you” three times to the fairy who detained you.

Not all fairies are beautiful

Some look frightening or silly. Some can take the form of animals or plants. Most can change their appearance to look any way they wish. You might think, then, that a fairy would want to be young and pretty all the time, but fairies have their reasons for looking ugly or old.

Fairies don’t like Iron

You may have heard that fairies are allergic to the metal iron. It doesn’t kill them like some people say, however, they do find it disgusting, and the smell is terrible to a fairy nose. In olden times, folks would hang an iron horseshoe on their door to keep bad fairies away – unfortunately, this also can keep away the good fairies.

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